teo@limon:~ $ apt-cache search image viewer

eog – Eye of Gnome graphics viewer program

gthumb – an image viewer and browser for GNOME2

aview – A high quality ASCII art image viewer and video player


pornview – Image and movie viewer/manager


xloadimage – Graphics file viewer under X11

ida – image viewer & editor

xbase-clients – miscellaneous X clients

teo@limon:~ $ apt-cache show pornview

Package: pornview

Priority: optional

Section: universe/utils


Description: Image and movie viewer/manager

PornView is an image and movie viewer/manager with thumbnail previews.

Additional features includes thumbnail caching, directory tree views,

adjustable zoom, and fullscreen view. Slideshows allow for unattended

presentation of images for hands-free viewing. Pornview is written

using GTK+.




Origin: Ubuntu


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