New Beginnings: I am joining Igalia!

caras igalia
Some portrais of Igalian workers in the Coruña office

Finally my job search has come to an end! I am writing this from Coruña at the offices of my new company: Igalia.

I will not be working in Coruña. I just came here for a two day kick off meeting, signing the contract, setting up accounts and tools and meeting some of my co-workers. Tonight I will be back home and from now on I will be working from home where I already set up a nice office-like environment in one of my rooms.

Igalia is a very young company full of talented hackers coming from the open source software world. The principal work areas here are:

Obviously this is just a simplistic view. If I had to show you how neat the focus of the company is and how talented the people I meet here are, I would need more than a blog post 😉

My main duties here will be helping with R&D lines and subsidies, specially in National and European programmes and trying to help in the organisation of future editions of the Master on Free Software, as well as other training opportunities.

Since no one is too far from technology here at Igalia and I recently started playing around with Android, I am also joining a working group on Android strategies. Where we will explore business opportunities around it. And finally, I will also help with the communication side, elaborating
contents/news for the web site when needed.

I will be working remotely from home, but I will try to visit the offices often. And I hope I can make myself useful in the organisation, that is built around values and philosophies that I like and admire.

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